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Cost To Build A Post Frame Shop, Featuring Rathburn Ranch

Built in 2021 this 48X64 post frame shop in Southern Michigan has all the amenities you could hope for. The black and white building is decked out with a cedar porch and full bathroom, as well as in-floor-heat. Built by Austin and Chelsey, a young couple starting their own homestead, every step of the process was documented on YouTube. You can find them on their channel @RathburnRanch or on instagram where theres no shortage of adorable dog pictures sprinkled throughout their feeds. HUGE THANK YOU to Austin and Chelsey for being so generous with their cost information!

PERMITS- $4,114.00

  • Building permit

  • Septic permit

  • Well permit


2x4 PURLINS & TRUSS BRACING- $3,294.00 TRUSSES- $16,014.00


SIDE & ROOF STEEL- $15,612.00 TYVEK- $250.00

WINDOWS & DOORS $13,422.00

  • 7 windows

  • 2 man doors

  • 2 overhead doors

SAND BACKFILL $1,000.00 FOAM $3,569.00 used outside of rat walls and on floor FILL RAT WALLS WITH CONCRETE $928.00

CONCRETE FLOORS $6,800.00 this cost is likely lower than could be expected for anyone watching, as Austin and Chelsey own a concrete business. Austin estimates the cost to hire someone to complete this for you is somewhere near $19,000.00. IN FLOOR HEAT $1,500.00

At the total cost of $84,317.00 the building is dried in with a concrete floor. WELL with variable speed pump $11,022.00 RUNNING ELECTRICAL & FIXTURES $7,922.00

PLUMBING $4,561.00

  • Gas lines

  • Bathroom fixtures

  • Shower insert

BOILER & CONTROL PANEL $4,155.00 PROPANE $1,980.00

  • Run new gas line

  • Pressure test

  • Fill

  • Austin and Chelsey already owned a propane tank which wasn’t factored into this cost.

SEPTIC $14,000.00 INSULATION $7,502.00 DRYWALL $800.00 used only in the bathroom CEDAR PORCH $1,100.00

GRAND TOTAL $141,155.00 So, what's next for this couple? Since finishing the shop build, RathburnRanch has broken ground on their home, and 3,000+ sqft farmhouse. The build is also being shared on their YouTube channel and is definitely something to learn from. Make sure to drop them a thank-you for being kind enough to share their costs, it helps us all to be more informed when we have information to draw from.


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