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What It Cost To Build A Barndominium In Indiana, Featuring @SmallTown.BarnHouse

This week we'll cover a cool little barndo in Indiana belonging to @SmallTown.BarnHouse on Instagram. Huge, H U G E thank you to @SmallTown.BarnHouse for sharing all of this wonderful detail with us!

"Our home is 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1,728 sq ft. (No garage yet) - all DIY - stick frame - not including land, we came in at $115,000 - we started our build journey July 2020 and we moved in June 2021

We absolutely love our home and are so happy we decided to go on this journey. However we picked a terrible time to do it (we sold our house Feb of 2020 before covid really hit the US) and we had to hold off on building our garage. That’s really the only downfall to our build, because we planned a lot of our storage space in the garage. So our 3rd bedroom is currently a storage room. When the time comes, the garage will be 40x60 with 15’ ceilings. Large enough to fit vehicles, toys and a wood shop."

In addition to self-building their home, a huge source of savings during the build was an 11% rebate on items purchased through Menards. The rebate amount was enough to cover their drywall and insulation materials, which helped keep them within budget toward the end of the build.

If you like this kind of content and want to see more, make sure youre following @woodys_barndominium_build on Instagram where I post a new #WhatItCostWednesday home every week in addition to sharing our personal barndominium build.

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