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Barndominium Construction Loans 2023

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Everyone wants to know, who actually funds barndominium construction loans?

Today we answer that question.

All of the lenders mentioned in this article were reccomended by real barndominium building families who have personally used their services.

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New Century Bank-

  • Recommended by @CountryBarndo, Owner is allowed to act as their own general contractor.

  • Also recommended by @MsCelsieHayes, a North Carolina based barndominium build.

Rural 1st

  • Recommended by @HolyGroundHomestead for a Land+Construction combination loan, owner acted as their own general contractor.

First Bank & Trust, Virginia

  • Recommended by @GraceRiverHomestead, property is listed as a tree farm.

Happy State Bank; Now owned by Centennial

  • Recommended by @MyDogSocksy

Round Top State Bank

  • Recommended by @CarolineWolff_Realtor, a barndominium building realtor in Central Texas.

Wilson Bank & Trust-

  • Recommended by @EvergrowingAbby_, who says their local branch had no issue funding their build.

Normandy Bank

  • Recommended by @TheCulleyExperince, a Pennsylvania barndominium build being contracted and mostly built by the owners Amber & Matt.

Canadaigua National Bank

  • Recommended by @Parrish.Barndo.Puild, who reports that they have been a great bank to work with.

Premier Bank

  • Recommended by @ThistleDew_On11, a barndominium build in northern Ohio

People’s Bank

  • Recommended by @Alskipworth in Georgia.

Jones Bank

  • recommended by McClaindominium, the branch location they used is in Seward, Nebraska.

AG South

  • Recommended by @Joshuaberg who reports that they’ve been great to work with.

  • Also, recommended by @Boothe_Farm, a barndominium build currently under construction. Owner is acting as General Contractor.

Greenstone Bank

  • Recommended by @WildWood_Haven, an ICF barndominium build with a basement in Michigan. Owner is acting as general contractor.

TIP- Find a local bank that does a lot of work with farmers. @RaimondoBarndo
2022 Lenders List

Lenders are listed in no particular order, and all lenders are linked. Id hate to send you to the wrong site, so I checked with the people who recommended them to make sure these are the right pages.


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