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That Damn White Barn, #WhatItCostWednesday

Meet the McEwens

Deep in the Georgia hills sits this one-of-a-kind barndominium. The build was a 10-year adventure for the McEwen Family, small business owners passionate about woodworking, travel, and really good food. It started with Keesha's dream of a simple white barn, something you couldn't guess the price tag of if you drove by, and from there, it's grown. Along their build journey, they've emassed 2,000 followers on Instagram (@ThatDamnWhiteBarn), been featured in magazines, and have served the barndo-community as an inspiration to build debt-free.

The Specs

  • 3 beds

  • 2 baths

  • 2,200 sq ft

  • tubular steel structure- purchased through metal pros

  • 18' ceilings in the living room

  • 8' ceilings in bedrooms

  • 40 X 58 footprint

  • total cost to build... $180,000.00

Financing The Build Construction on the project began in the fall of 2020, despite soaring lumber prices and every barndominiuim facebook group saying not to. Chris and Keesha didn't intend to build debt-free, but financing was never a simple process for them due to their status as small business owners. It was early on in the build that they realized, this would be a debt-free endeavor whether they liked it or not.

From the jump they were resourceful, in fact, the land was cleared and graded by Chris's dad one small truckload at a time. Their winding driveway and scenic perch on a hill was no small task to achieve, but they bided their time and got it done.

The Floor Plan The home's layout was in Keesha's words "All Chris", and maximizes every inch of space. The McEwens floor plan will soon be available for purchase through Back Forty Buildings.

How They Saved Money

  • Exclusively shopping deals in big box store circulars

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Open box deals

  • Discount stores

  • Home Depot Pro account

  • Home Depot Bid Room

  • Robinson Salvage (a local resale store)

  • Craigslist

In addition to saving on materials, they saved on labor everywhere possible. Chris completed nearly every job in the house and enlisted the help of friends and family for large or specialty jobs.

Where They Splurged

  • Glass garage door

  • Specialty refrigerator

If you would like to see more of this build, check out their Instagram page directly @ThatDamnWhiteBarn where Keesha shares her home, inspiration photos, and lots of recipes. A HUGE THANK YOU to the McEwens for allowing us into their house. It was a pleasure to walk alongside them and see the home they've poured themselves into.

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