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Welcome to Woody's Barndominium!

A little About Us + Our Barndo in the Woods

The Woodworth Family, Week 2 of Their Barndo Build

Woody's a Mopar guy, and I've got a thing for sawdust. The foundation of our marriage was laid over many cups of coffee, discussing projects we longed to attempt. I had this vision of a home blending into the trees, something warm, a strong house that could withstand Atlantic hurricane winds; ultimately I landed on a red iron building.

Our barndominium is on the larger side with 3,200 sqft of house and 3,200 sqft of shop, she has 4 beds, and 4 baths, with each being unique for optimal use. Our shop can be accessed by 3 16' high 12' wide garage doors, they're large enough to accommodate anything you can tow down the road (a standard highway lane is 12' wide). Inside you'll find a 78' Wagoneer, 79' Cherokee, 69' Dart, and the crown jewel, a 92' Dodge D250... red with white striping and a modest lift.

The road we've traveled for these last 3 years of planning and construction brought us new friends and neighbors, challenged our patience, and helped us to embrace life in its little moments. Not only did we welcome our first child (on the day our building arrived), but we thrived through a deployment, multiple sudden losses, career ending shake ups, and the general strife of our current world. I credit much of our remaining sanity to the fellowship we've found on our journey.

With major construction coming to a close it's time for us to add in the little things, the stuff that makes a house a home. Woody and I will be tackling small but impactful projects like building our range hood cover, backsplash tile, building our master closet, installing laundry room storage & a laundry chute, and so much more.

They say, "home is where your heart is", and for us, home is in the barn.

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