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What It Cost To Build A Barndominium In Illinois, Featuring @WildRacksAndPallets

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

When it comes to barndominiums, the #1 question I see time and time again is, "what does it cost to build?". Today we'll tackle that question.

Our first break down comes to us from a family farm in Illinois, ladies and gents, I present to you, the @WildRacksAndPallets barndominium.

From Heather, the owner "The goal in building was to combine our farm, my business, and our family under one roof out on the family farm for a simpler way of life. My husband’s parents and grandparents live on the same plot with the barnyard in the middle, so we're all very close."

The structure of this build is post frame, and was erected by Wagenbach Builders, in Tremont IL in only 10 weeks. They graded the site in the middle of July and move in day was the first week in October. The builder’s main office was only a few minutes from the build site, and sometimes there’d be 16 guys working at once. To keep the crews motivated breakfast, lunch and snacks were often offered. Surely that made this build a favorite for them.


COST TO BUILD $425,000.00

SHOP SIZE 5,000sqft

HOME SIZE 2,500sqft

"We chose a barndo over a traditional home because of the cost factor of being able to build a barn and a house in one shop. My husband works a "real job" and farms, so before the barndominium we never saw him. Now that he does a lot of his farm work in our shop, it’s brought us closer literally and figuratively as a family. My kids get to grow up on the farm right in the middle of it all and with grands and great grands across the driveway. We’re really into minimalism and doing things as practically as possible and our house is about as practical as we can get."

"We obviously didn’t know C0v1d would be a thing when we built but it’s been great. Our kids have always had a giant play space and we’re even able to host their ball teams for practices as we put up a retractable batting cage. It’s been a huge plus during those weird years."


If you would like to check out the business that this barnodminium facilitates, head on over to Instagram where you can find one-of-a-kind creations by Heather @WildRacksAndPallets.

H U G E thanks to Heather for sharing her home!


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