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Security Cameras for Barndominium & Rural Living

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

We researched so that you don't have to!

Lets be honest here, the country is awesome, until you start trying to get 21st century services like Wi-Fi or live camera monitoring. Throw into the equation that the place you want to watch is an uninhabited construction site and your options are far fewer.

FRET NOT We've compiled a short list of options that you can use at your job site. My #1 goal was to find great wireless security cameras. Our 3 favorites are:

So what did we end up choosing....

Well, we picked 2 different systems. One for the build and one for our current house.

For the Build: Since our house is incomplete and we don't have Wi-Fi there, we picked an Arlo camera (or two) for that site. Currently we use Verizon for cell service so all we had to do was add a line to our plan and we were ready to roll.

For the temp house: Starlink Wi-Fi is great and gives us the ability to use Reolink without purchasing a new cellular plan to support it's video streaming feature.

Once we're settled into the barndominium we'll get some additional cameras and run Reolink full time. Their outdoor cameras are wonderful and stand up to harsh weather, a common issue where we live.

As much as I like Arlo cameras, they do seem a bit fragile and I'm not a fan of monthly subscriptions.

As always, thank you for reading!



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