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Our Modern Barndominium - How We Got Started

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We started on youtube watching video after video of people building these amazing homes and quickly found ourselves buying graph paper, and scribbling dozens of possible floor plans.

After getting married and leaving Texas for North Carolina, we realized that building a barndominium was something we could do, but it wouldn't be easy.

If you want 1 on 1 guidance from a barndominium expert with regards to your dream-build, designing custom plans, and finding finances, I have a great resource for you! It's called The Barndominium Process, and it's provided by the team at MR. POSTFRAME.
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In January of 2020 we bought our land, not knowing if we would actually get to move there (thanks, Navy). It was cleared that spring and then the fun really began. By that time Covid, and the restrictions it created were in full swing. Woody couldn't travel more than 100 miles from his house (as so ordered by the military), and so I was left to drive back and forth from Fayetteville to our land in Wilmington coordinating land prep by myself. To be honest, even without the restrictions, Woody's work schedule was so demanding, that he probably wouldn't have made it there with me more than a handful of times.

Finding our builder was the product of luck and persistence. For months we struggled to find a person willing to general contract the bulk of our build, while letting us do finish work ourselves, but I decided to have plans drawn anyway...after explaining our situation to a local architect we were referred to "a guy who loves oddball projects", I called him up and our giant steel house seemed to intrigue him. By fall of 2020 we were planning our timeline and pricing steel buildings at the kitchen table.

If we hadn't found a contractor interested in helping us, I doubt that our build would be where it is now.


The paragraphs above were written on 2/16/2022, today, 1/25/2023, we are preparing to apply for our certificate of occupancy, allowing us to move into the house.

This build has taken a year longer than anticipated, but in that time, our lives have been turned upside down by a deployment, becoming parents, and major career changes. I like to think that in a few short days, when we get to live in our labor of love, the ground under us will settle.

These days I dream of being curled up on the couch in my big green house, enjoying a good cuddle with the baby I struggled so hard to have, and the man who made all of this possible.


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