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Holy Ground Homestead, #WhatItCostWednesday

When I think of Tennessee, country music fills my mind. This Tennessee barndominium is sure to be full of music, however, the melodies are made by little feet on concrete floors, not rhinestone cowboys.

Jason, Bri, and their children at the build

Meet Jason and Bri, mom and dad to 4 kids under 10 building a home on their own near Knoxville Tennessee. Their barndominium build journey started with an agreement, "If this, then that". IF the house appraised IF they found the right land IF they found a builder IF financing worked out THEN they would jump in and build the barndo-homestead of their dreams.

Building their 40x60, 2300 sq ft home was supposed to be 9 months, but no more. Like many other people building through the last two years (myself included), they were delayed, swindled, and had to do more with less.

Barndominium windows cost


Jason and Bri financed their land purchase and their build in a single loan with a one-time close through Rural1st. They closed in May of 2021 with 15% down, made possible with the sale of their previous home. In this arrangement, they paid on principal from the beginning and only paid interest on what they took out in draws.

Exploring the build site after clearing


Blueprints - $2,400 June 2021 Building permit - $1,000 Land clearing - $8,000 July 2021 Steel structure - $48,920 Water setup - $880 Electric setup - $2,695 Driveway - 1000ft - $15,600 September 2021

Building erecting cost breakdown


Plumbing rough in - $6.700 March 2022 Foundation - $30,000 April 2022 ($10,000 to a contractor who didn’t finish) Windows - $2,300 April 2022 Building erection - $23,900 May 2022 Electric rough in - $12.790 July 2022 Exterior doors - $1,400 Gutters - $1,700 Insulation- $9,730 August 2022

Drywall cost breakdown


2nd phase plumbing - $1,850 June 2022 Lights/fans - $600 Appliances - $6,000 Vanities - $1,200 Toilets - $590 Framing - $16,730 June 2022 HVAC ductwork - $6,100 July 2022 Drywall- $12,685 August 2022 Paint - $1,200 (paint and supplies) Tile materials - $2,400 Tile work - $11,940 September 2022 Porch - $900 Septic - $7,400 September 2022 Hot water heater - $1,550 Driveway/Patio - $4,200 Interior doors - $400

Barndominium appliance cost breakdown

As of 10/19/2022, their grand total is $243,000.00, but they expect the project to close at $255,000.00 within a month of this publication. HUGE THANK YOU to Bri for taking the time to chat with me, opening up her books, and giving us all the opportunity to learn from them. Please do me a huge favor and let them know you appreciated all of that effort by checking out their page on Instagram @HolyGroundHomestead.


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