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Welcome To The Barndominium Tour
Hi! Megan and Woody here...

...We're barndominium owners dedicated to making these unique homes easier to build, one post at at a time. 

+Barndos For Sale


New Marshfield Ohio One of A Kind Barndominium


Battle Creek Michigan Equestrian Barndominium


Barnesville Georgia Spacious Barndominium


Bayfield Wisconsin Amazing Barndominium


Barry Illinois Amish Built Barndominium


Bisbee AZ Airplane Hangar Home


The Build Life with Emily & Megan
Construction has always been a crazy industry, but if there’s anything we learned from the last few years, it can always get crazier.

Listen in as Emily and Megan discuss their journey’s to build lasting homes, interview other DIY-builders, and get all the dirty details you need to know, but will never find in those perfect Instagram squares.

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Woody's Barndominium

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