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A Luxury Kansas Barndominium, What It Really Costs

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

This project (The Modern Gambrel) broke ground in April 2019.

The structure is a bolt up pre engineered metal building, but a true hybrid. The 3,300 sq ft home features 2"x6” exterior walls built flush with the outside of its metal columns, ZIP sheathing around the entire exterior, and modified timber frame interior.

This build is in Louisburg, KS; however, Barnhouse Custom Homes serves the greater Kansas City area with some upcoming projects in the Carbondale, CO area. Barnhouse Custom Homes will travel for the right project.

Gardner Leaver, owner of Barnhouse Custom Homes, admits the learning curve with this build was huge, and adds, "We set out to challenge ourselves with it so we were expecting that. The most difficult parts were stick framing the dormers and cupola. How we created the joins and supports back to the steel structure was comprehensive and quite unique. I had the engineer out to our site at least once a week to discuss various bearing points and load calculations. The result is that you’d never know you were in a pre engineered steel building which was our goal. If I had to do this build over again, I would have opted to have the dormers and cupola framed out of metal. Would have saved us a lot of time and energy."

I asked Gardner if the plans were availble for purchase, and while they arent today (8/10/2022), the abbreviated version of them will be soon. In fact, their website will re-launch next week with lots of goodies for the barndominium admirer. Once finalized, you'll be able to find them at Until then, you can reach out about your build by emailing

The total cost for this build was $800,000.00. When asked if the cost could have been reduced he said, "There felt like there were some redundancies in the structural nature of it and ways we could have cut time and material out of the process."

In addition to constructing new builds, this outfit travels nationwide dismantling timber structures for use in their projects.


Thank you to Gardner Leaver for his generosity in sharing with us about this incredible custom home build!

This post is part of a series called #WhatItCostWednesday where we delve into the costs to build barndominiums of all sizes, types, and levels of luxury. Without contribution from folks like Gardner, this series wouldnt be possible.


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